Does Religious Fiction in REAL Life EQUAL the Spirituality of Folklore?

_This is a BLOG thus it does reach out from MY personal esoteric perspective; however I wonder if we are missing the Folklore so much a part of American culture and gaining a sense of identity loss?_Image

     I have decided to be honest. To tell the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH… I know people thought the person they saw was me, that was not me. I know people do not understand that I am in character at ALL times when I am writing a novel so when they come across me day to day they do not know and understand the difference between the character and who I really am. Well let me explain. I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM. I am a creative intellect and I have done all that I could to be my best self because I was hurting watching people disrespect themselves.

     I am an Empathic, so are you but not quite the way I am. Being me is being so sensitive to other people’s mood swings that I keep to myself as a rule of thumb. That “feeling” you get when you go into a room or you meet someone be it good or bad is empathy. You cannot control it. It will always be there because it is a reminder that all of humanity is connected. It is PROOF that something greater than we are exists. Yet it seems that sometimes it can be harder to open up and allow that to become clear the further along civilization goes. 

     Our SPIRITUALITY is what guides us… I am by no means perfect. I am a dancer. Maybe you will disregard my perspective because you do not know the difference between a career as an artist and the relevance of someone who judges others when they should be helping them. If that’s you I won’t judge. It’s about acceptance. However, let me pose this question: “why NOW more than ever are we growing in our spirituality as a civilization yet we are growing farther apart from the things that connect us?” in this moment? What are we missing out on that we just have had to let go in our evolution?

     As a woman there are so many things and feelings that we have been taught to suppress. I find myself hearing snatches of conversations where women constantly disrespect their so called girlfriends calling them out of their name, encouraging them to stay in emotionally abusive situations and re-enforcing so many negative stereo types. The one thing I can say for sure is that this is not what I expected. I worked hard all my life to become a dancer. I wanted and continue to want nothing more than a healthy mind body and spirit to express myself through dance in a way that I cannot do with words because I am so easily tongue tied. The reason that I notice all of these things is because in American History FOLKLORE was ALWAYS the answer. I have been dancing for a little while now in training because I need to do a LOT more work before I can do it on a professional level. I admit that. I ALWAYS try to take the time to learn something at EVERY club I go to so that one day I can own my own business and provide places for people to socialize both online and off in the future when I complete my apprenticeships. 

    Recently someone pointed out how I have helped so many people behind the scenes but they just stole from me and acted like I don’t exist so it’s time to put RENITA FIRST. I NEEDED to hear that because I do not have a perspective which allows me to give up on humanity because of something as simple as money. I am here trying to figure out the mysteries of life. I won’t give up my perspective on God and being aware that I am a SMALL yet RELEVANT part of something GREATER as we all are. I am so done feeling like it’s stupid to want to help people. Understand what I am saying, my own heart is HURT that I FELT it was STUPID to want to help people. SOMETHING IS WRONG THERE THAT IS NOT NORMAL. Why would I who have dedicated my entire life to helping others get to this moment now and feel like it’s stupid to want to help? What is going on in the world around me? What is the void in humanity that I am picking up on empathically? What are we all really going through?

    Maybe we are all just spirits passing through the Ether still even in this realm as I work to go forward and disconnect my mind from the trauma I went through I cannot help but asking WHY do I feel like this now? My life isn’t any different. I am doing the same thing spiritually now and growing in my knowledge of God’s Love even when I thought I couldn’t be more overwhelmed by compassion. I may have been in character playing the “Stripper with the heart of gold” however that is only a small fraction of Who I really am and how I really feel.

    Each and everything I do is coming from my center. In Asian Culture there is a belief that The Way cannot be taught. What this means of course is that you have to find your own peace with both religion and spirituality, which are two VERY different subjects. One being where we come from the other where we are going and both alternating position depending on the “way” of the thinkers perspective. Therefore I invite you to connect with the characters in the stories I write. Find yourself in the words and lose your sorrow in the pages.

    Perhaps living vicariously is the healthiest way to combat depression. The bottom line is that I choose to take a stand and share my art now because it is relevant to ME to help as many people as possible. Email me at let’s get to know each other. This is my first time writing a novel as opposed to quick reads. Let me know what you think of the blogs by leaving emails and comments and we can grow together!

    The FIRST question is: Are you numb or do you feel connected and who or what or when even do you feel the connection to and how and why. I can’t wait to hear from you and read what you all have to say! Thanks for sharing in my world! 


So Derrick Rose is injured…AGAIN.

               Image I am still waiting for someone to state the obvious. Now perhaps it is my uncanny knack for journalism, which ended me in The Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Columbia University studying journalism simultaneously. OR maybe I am just that good at stating facts. However. I would like to point out the duality of a young man being injured; sitting out after his instincts told him that perhaps he would be injured again if he were to return to early; then being injured again. Now, granted this causes to bring the makings of a model athlete to the forefront. What is it exactly that defines one; when we are here all of us watching from the SIDELINES: not even on the court to take a souvenir photo, let alone actually play in a professional game.

                Perhaps we have all just stepped back into the Olympian ages where we serve our champions to the lions. Or, maybe we just find it easier to go back to our own youth when we were all mean kids on the playground envious of the cheerleaders and athletes. For the record yes, not only was I a cheerleader I was a cheer LEADER, as in team captain. Now then, why is it that I feel the need to even acknowledge those under achievers who most likely don’t even ATTEND the games they opinionate on  because honey let me tell you I have not ONCE seen the tubby male BLOGGERS who like to consider themselves journalist without the pain in the ass journalism professors or annoying ass editors in their writing background. Let alone actually come from a family that has its own league. Just saying. So. Whenever you’re ready to stop whining fat ass!!! And trust me, I know a fat ass as I spend a significant portion of my weekend laying around eating delivery and watching cartoons a’la Lenny Kravitz in the Again video…Image


I give the hell up!!!




Relationships SUCK!!! Oh I don’t mean the cutesy tutesy little boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios we had in high school. No I mean the fully grown so called adult something or anothers that are supposed to enrich our lives with fulfillment and enhance our living experience. I have THE WORST track record. Lets see, there was the guy I married as a virgin. Hmmmm, wonder why THAT didn’t work out, where is HE now? Then there’s the guy who paid my second husband to divorce me but NEVER even bothered to show up WTF!!!!! WHO DOES THAT???? Oh, and lets not forget prince charming who has been known to pay a woman to pretend to be me in the public eye. WHAT THE FRUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!! I have sat back LONG ENOUGH and tried I MEAN I REALLY TRIED to let it all go. But after $300 an hour on hypnotherapy like the bad memories you are you keep INSISTING on becoming beautiful nightmares. WHY!!!  What in the name of Jehosephatt would cause you to think that I would want to play that game!?! I pretended for LONG ENOUGH to not notice the STUPID SHADY LITTLE SHENANNAGIANS of NO not all men, just the ones who I PRETEND  not to know for sanity’s sake. LIFE IS NOT AN EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL!!! GET IT TOGETHER BETTY’S!!!! STOP stalking and BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!!! What do you fear rejection? GET OVER IT! So I like your best friend cause he’s quiet and YOU run around like a squirrel or espresso? MAYBE there’s a coke whore somewhere willing to let you pay her to put up with your behavior but God bless the beauty who you marry cause she must have a heart of gold NO amount of money is worth that annoying ass runny nose that becomes constant keep me up all night chatter when sometimes a girl just wants some FRUCKKING SHUT EYE!!! And YOU Mr. Pay my ex husband to run for his money. WHY WOULD YOU RUIN A PERFECTLY GOOD ARRANGEMENT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!! What was I NOT supposed to find out? Well, I did. So now what? You gonna live happily ever after with your “new” girl or CONTINUE to ruin my happiness by not being man enough to even ASK ME OUT?! Huh? I’m single now. Last time I saw you I LIED!!! I SAY I HAVE A MATE TO KEEP THE BAT SHIT CRAZIES AWAY!!!! Yet there you are, going out with girls you ASSUME the guy I’m with is named. Yea literally, I got a guy named asshole so you got a chic named smartass WTF WHO DOES THAT? For NO REASON!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! AND FINALLY YOU MR LOVE OF MY LIFE YOU KNOW GOOD AND DAMN WELL ID RATHER BE DEAD THAN BE WITH ANYONE ELSE… Where have YOU been all my life, huh, hmm? Right. well, thats all folks. I’m single and now we know why. THE FRUCK*NG END. 

To Be or Not To Be… A Cunning Linguist By Any Other Name…


There is a part of me, there will ALWAYS be a part of me, who sneaks off and writes PULP. I know that in an age where I LITERALLY (pun intended) called my agent and had a major BF at the lack of literature for my age group I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I mean yes James Bond is a wonderful little tryst but is it thought provoking and eternal? Thus I admit my shame of publishing, well, adult…and I mean extremely adult…fiction when I know I should be seeking the true nature of nature and the meaning of life and applying it to the world of my readers. So if we shadows have offended, look at it this way; our libidos will potentially fade, I’m getting a jump on stopping that terrible crime before it happens.Image

In a totally unrelated bish fit I came to understand the true meaning of “STANDARDS” in the Biblical Sense of the word. I also came to understand “ORDER” as in: No, you go first. I will just be over here taking notes, silently correcting your grammar, and actually using spell check. This is who I am. I am not ashamed. Honestly. Image

There is so much power in the written word. Word play is my ULTIMATE favorite game. I sat back for so long pretending that I am not good at it. Now I just need to release. I am creating a world here people. I live in the perfect sleepy town. I dance, which really is just an excuse to parade around in costume. I write, which is how I manage to find the time to use delightful visuals like this one and turn them into full fledged entertainment in a world where even soap opera funding has been cut.


Seriously people, soap opera -a genre LITERALLY CREATED JUST TO SELL THINGS- no longer has a budget to, well, sell things. Thus I must use my power of cunning linguism to encourage my fellow writers to come out of hiding. I know you’re out there. Starring at your notebooks, just thinking to yourself; “It’s a shame that no one would get that.” Turn those woes into HEY NONNIE NONIE! Remember, its not “No one will get that.” Its; “KNOW! ONE WILL GET THAT!!!” Besides, my agent responded with that’s why they stopped making movies which is a call to end the writers strike if ever there was one; in my minds “I” 😉

So Miley lost her VOGUE COVER after “twerking” I know that you may think its because of twerk. I assure you, its because a dance exercise done to warm your body up BEFORE you go on stage is NOT an actual dance move. This wouldn’t be an issue if BUNHEADS was still on the air to explain such things. Nor if our beloved Miley attended formal dance classes.

Yes Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, we get the joke. “Not one iota” of your nuclear rights. Priceless, however, we were all discussing standards, order, and yes in the world of the Baljeatles where even Science Camp Rocks you’re the man. However, was that joke approved by the beautiful Sahebeh Rouhani…Image

We’re just saying….

….Oh, and Apple…Image

Until someone invents the proper accessories for me to sync my stilettos to my iPhone5 a’la Nike and coordinate with my Swarovski Image JUST STOP. You know, like Derrick Rose finally learned how to do in Japan. I guess he had to go somewhere fast and furious to learn how to handle that drive. Good Game! Image

REFLECTIONS Dancing in Light & Shadow


The series of photos I shot of tap dancers shadows which seem to have a life of their own are all about light and shadow. No digital effects were used. Just undivided attention to my subject.



The magic is in how the dancers are in one position and the shadows another. That’s timing on behalf of the photographer and the ability to charm the shadow to stay in place long enough to be captured.


MaryLand by @Prototype3224


Click here to see MaryLand 

      The Maryland Elite choose to live their lives behind closed doors and in the public eye all at once. With her career as an entertainer Marie is more focused on building her brand than any relationship. Chandler her companion is always willing to listen to her vent, especially when it gets him away from his own trust fund related troubles. Kendall is riding high on the release of his latest album and enjoying the attention of the streets who all wonder who his mystery muse is. Charliemae is envious of the lifestyle she sees. New to the scene and recruited by an unknown member of this tight inner circle she is going in an underling but has plans to become as rich and powerful as she can. Join them for this first episode in the serial and follow the author on twitter @prototype3224 for all the latest behind the scenes gossip!

REFLECTIONS DeWitt Flemming Jr.



     DeWitt Fleming Jr. (pictured on the right) will be appearing on multiple episodes of Boardwalk Empire. The show will air Sundays at 9pm on HBO this season. This however major for those of us who are period buffs and Ellington Alumni is the ultimate. However its the icing on the cake for one of the most promising Alumni to date. Although DeWitt can be spotted playing Broadway in the band he started dancing and acting. To me he is the ONLY member of my class at the school (not by year just simply a way of saying classmate) who was as determined as I to achieve everything he wanted. 

     This means something. So many have said that their time at Ellington was the happiest time of their lives. It hurts to know that they have given up. Image


    There is much going on with Mr. Fleming and as he is a familiar face on Broadway its only natural that the next step would be developing a tour. He uses his power to connect other artist on Broadway Underground, he is appearing on HBO, he is proof that with ambition EVERYTHING is possible. Just don’t stop and remember, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere! Congratulations Mr. Fleming!