Win Spiritual Warfare

There are a lot of ways to describe a growing pain, but the truth of the matter is only one describes life best; circle. Each and every thing we do is a part of something larger. We all have ways of reaching out and connecting, just like we have ways of isolating ourselves. Here’s the thing: why? What is it that makes us want to connect or disconnect in the first place? For me the answer is always love. In each and every instance I have come close to or pushed away from someone my underlying love has been the cause.
When I was younger I was able to tap into the knowledge of my elders because I was surrounded by them and although they were always open with advice the bottom line remained that it is the individuals choice, regardless of the one sharing the advice. I have loved and lost my entire world before, it wasn’t good. Yet in that lost I was prepared to sacrifice my happiness for that of the one who meant the most to me. Now as a woman reconnecting is not as impossible as it once felt. When I walk away from something I do not look back. I make a decision and follow through because I understand the nature of the circle and I am more than sure that there will always be something new to discover even if it is only more of what I already know. That is what being an adult is facing all of the fears, doubts, insecurities of the past and knowing the true definition of spiritual warfare.
Unfortunately, no, I cannot give anyone the solution to their questions any more than someone else can give me my much needed answers. The purpose of life is to go out and explore, what I have found is that all of the worry and stress I put myself under was from compulsion. There are no books to warn about this because it is something most prefer not to acknowledge. That is better than brushing it under the table. Now in my case I find I am here and spiritual warfare that was once the result of others using me to accomplish their goals has resulted in my own battles against insecurity, sorrow, and even love.
On a daily basis the human spirit fights to maintain balance. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we from and where are we going? Truth be told, no one can answer these questions for you. You must look inside yourself to find the answers. When you do, you will discover that each and every idea positive or negative all becomes a part of this circle and you have the power to stop or start your role in it at will. Now I love the idea of being created in God’s image and grow from there. However that is my circle, what is yours? Maybe you grow from nature? Perhaps your circle is your family? Do you know the origin or your spirituality? Do you acknowledge it exists at all? How are you growing?
There is only one way to win spiritual warfare, that is to look inside ones-self for true happiness. After the bills are paid, the job completed, the children raised, and time still goes forward then what? If you search deep inside you will find the desires of your heart are still there waiting for you to rediscover what your purpose in life was all along. We do not fight the people who bully us or keep us down. Try instead to overcome your own insecurity and you will find those bullies just disappear because they had no right to be in your life in the first place.
There really is a feeling of power when you overcome the drama that exists in confusion. All the tricks are illusions and at the end of the day it is that inner child with all the dreams you were created to fulfill who you are trying to reach. Once you tune in to that child’s heart you won’t need to fight anymore because your life will find harmony. This planet is a wonderful place to explore. Even if you only look out your window there are miracles happening everywhere. Its up to you to see them. That is what true spiritual warfare is, nothing but a bunch of bullies like insecurity, sloth, or envy trying to get between you and your inner child. If you want to win remember those dreams you had and go for them, it isn’t always about the size of the scale so much as its about remembering that inner child at all. Once you find it you will find yourself winning on every level.


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