So Derrick Rose is injured…AGAIN.

               Image I am still waiting for someone to state the obvious. Now perhaps it is my uncanny knack for journalism, which ended me in The Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Columbia University studying journalism simultaneously. OR maybe I am just that good at stating facts. However. I would like to point out the duality of a young man being injured; sitting out after his instincts told him that perhaps he would be injured again if he were to return to early; then being injured again. Now, granted this causes to bring the makings of a model athlete to the forefront. What is it exactly that defines one; when we are here all of us watching from the SIDELINES: not even on the court to take a souvenir photo, let alone actually play in a professional game.

                Perhaps we have all just stepped back into the Olympian ages where we serve our champions to the lions. Or, maybe we just find it easier to go back to our own youth when we were all mean kids on the playground envious of the cheerleaders and athletes. For the record yes, not only was I a cheerleader I was a cheer LEADER, as in team captain. Now then, why is it that I feel the need to even acknowledge those under achievers who most likely don’t even ATTEND the games they opinionate on  because honey let me tell you I have not ONCE seen the tubby male BLOGGERS who like to consider themselves journalist without the pain in the ass journalism professors or annoying ass editors in their writing background. Let alone actually come from a family that has its own league. Just saying. So. Whenever you’re ready to stop whining fat ass!!! And trust me, I know a fat ass as I spend a significant portion of my weekend laying around eating delivery and watching cartoons a’la Lenny Kravitz in the Again video…Image