I give the hell up!!!




Relationships SUCK!!! Oh I don’t mean the cutesy tutesy little boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios we had in high school. No I mean the fully grown so called adult something or anothers that are supposed to enrich our lives with fulfillment and enhance our living experience. I have THE WORST track record. Lets see, there was the guy I married as a virgin. Hmmmm, wonder why THAT didn’t work out, where is HE now? Then there’s the guy who paid my second husband to divorce me but NEVER even bothered to show up WTF!!!!! WHO DOES THAT???? Oh, and lets not forget prince charming who has been known to pay a woman to pretend to be me in the public eye. WHAT THE FRUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!! I have sat back LONG ENOUGH and tried I MEAN I REALLY TRIED to let it all go. But after $300 an hour on hypnotherapy like the bad memories you are you keep INSISTING on becoming beautiful nightmares. WHY!!!  What in the name of Jehosephatt would cause you to think that I would want to play that game!?! I pretended for LONG ENOUGH to not notice the STUPID SHADY LITTLE SHENANNAGIANS of NO not all men, just the ones who I PRETEND  not to know for sanity’s sake. LIFE IS NOT AN EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL!!! GET IT TOGETHER BETTY’S!!!! STOP stalking and BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!!! What do you fear rejection? GET OVER IT! So I like your best friend cause he’s quiet and YOU run around like a squirrel or espresso? MAYBE there’s a coke whore somewhere willing to let you pay her to put up with your behavior but God bless the beauty who you marry cause she must have a heart of gold NO amount of money is worth that annoying ass runny nose that becomes constant keep me up all night chatter when sometimes a girl just wants some FRUCKKING SHUT EYE!!! And YOU Mr. Pay my ex husband to run for his money. WHY WOULD YOU RUIN A PERFECTLY GOOD ARRANGEMENT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!! What was I NOT supposed to find out? Well, I did. So now what? You gonna live happily ever after with your “new” girl or CONTINUE to ruin my happiness by not being man enough to even ASK ME OUT?! Huh? I’m single now. Last time I saw you I LIED!!! I SAY I HAVE A MATE TO KEEP THE BAT SHIT CRAZIES AWAY!!!! Yet there you are, going out with girls you ASSUME the guy I’m with is named. Yea literally, I got a guy named asshole so you got a chic named smartass WTF WHO DOES THAT? For NO REASON!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! AND FINALLY YOU MR LOVE OF MY LIFE YOU KNOW GOOD AND DAMN WELL ID RATHER BE DEAD THAN BE WITH ANYONE ELSE… Where have YOU been all my life, huh, hmm? Right. well, thats all folks. I’m single and now we know why. THE FRUCK*NG END.