MaryLand by @Prototype3224


Click here to see MaryLand 

      The Maryland Elite choose to live their lives behind closed doors and in the public eye all at once. With her career as an entertainer Marie is more focused on building her brand than any relationship. Chandler her companion is always willing to listen to her vent, especially when it gets him away from his own trust fund related troubles. Kendall is riding high on the release of his latest album and enjoying the attention of the streets who all wonder who his mystery muse is. Charliemae is envious of the lifestyle she sees. New to the scene and recruited by an unknown member of this tight inner circle she is going in an underling but has plans to become as rich and powerful as she can. Join them for this first episode in the serial and follow the author on twitter @prototype3224 for all the latest behind the scenes gossip!


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